Orange Eagle: Cincinnati

0527171256Sarah Jenkins (velvethadrian), 2017

The nice thing about taking photos in museums is that there’s often space to frame things properly without other junk getting in the way. Also, a brave museum will paint the walls orange and really give me a chance to play around. I am particularly happy with the way the shadows to the left of the bird came out like a little gradient.


Horse: Cincinnati

0527171300Sarah Jenkins (velvethadrian), 2017

This little dude maybe wasn’t supposed to warrant as much attention as I gave him in the gallery, but I couldn’t help it! He’s such a funny looking fellow, a weird little horse, and I really enjoyed his pose and the way his scruffy textures interacted with the very clean white of the walls and base.

St. Anthony: Cincinnati

0527171306photograph by Sarah Jenkins (velvethadrian), 2017;
original artwork held in the Cincinnati Art Museum, Ohio

This little guy is an ongoing attempt of mine to photograph works of art in a visually interesting or meaningful way. So often photographers want to take as accurate a photo as possible and then, completely by accident, take out a lot of the experience of an artwork. Probably, the original sculptor didn’t intend for this wooden saint to be quite so whimsical, but I feel I captured the reaction I had upon encountering him.