Works in Progress

1122171724eSarah Jenkins (velvet_hadrian/reuserenova), 2017

1122171744aSarah Jenkins (velvet_hadrian/reuserenova), 2017

These are two work in progress versions of a new necklace design. When I reach the ultimate version of both, the chains will be a matching gold to the pendant, but for now, I’m using the copper as a test.

It’s inspired by both the steampunk subculture and Victorian and neo-Victorian aesthetics in general, both of which are fun ponds in which to splash around. I did, however, want to keep both relatively simple. I would love to hear some reactions, either positive or negative!



Cascade Choker

Sarah Jenkins (velvet_Hadrian/reuserenova), 2017

My latest creation, this necklace is currently the crowning achievement of a silver and chains mini collection. The group also includes other necklaces, cuff bracelets, rings, and – in the future – a belt, a crown, and earrings. If I’m not distracted by the steampunk lure of brass and leather, I expect to finish the silver plate jewelry in the next few days. The photo itself was also a personal Photoshop victory of mine and I am eager to show it off!

Please check out pictures on my product blog, I’ll post my new projects there and detail the theory behind the work in Daily Velvet posts. If, by chance, you’re interested in owning any item that appears on either site, message or email me. I’m always happy to hear from you.