Napkin Ring

photograph: Sarah Jenkins (velvethadrian), 2017; product: heartsprungsteel, 2017
photograph: Sarah Jenkins (velvethadrian), 2017; product: heartsprungsteel, 2017

Some shapes are just a joy to take photographs of. This was the case here. This napkin ring is a fairly innocuous object, mundane and yet its angles and curves were always appealing to the eye. Furthermore, the black of the metal contrasted with both the red fabric and the black knit I’d laid it on to make a fresh interplay of color and texture.

The warm light and the glass of the first picture, as well as the forced focus was a camera experiment on my part. While I think ultimately glass looks best in a cool light, evoking an underwater sensation that is ideally expressed in blues and greys and cool colors, the darkness of the steel napkin ring in this case called for warmth, for the feeling of a set table and a warm kitchen before family dinners, for soft sweaters and special dishes.

As ever, this product is on sale by at the Etsy shop of Heartsprungsteel. If this product in particular isn’t up there yet, feel free to message them and get yours made special.

It’s my plan to do more varied product photos soon, as well as some costume and cosplay photoshoots. The convention season ends for me after Columbus Day weekend and then I can finally stop delaying my photography, historical reconstructions, and jewelry making. So many sketches are going to come to life in the next few months.