Trajan: Venice

1222161548Sarah Jenkins (velvethadrian), 2016

Though I think a starker contrast between the marble and the wall would have been ideal, there is something very human about this bust of the Roman Emperor Trajan. Despite the heaviness of the stone, it almost seems as if he’s turning to answer a question rather than being frozen in the emotive melancholy tilt that so many ancient sculptures have in the museum.


Underground Gallery: Florence

1229161523aSarah Jenkins (velvethadrian), 2016

An underground hallway full of marbles and tombstones under Santa Croce in Florence. As I walked from the far end of the photo to where it was taken, my steps barely echoed, muffled in the enclosed space. From this direction it felt like a striking confluence of the old and modern. Viewing the gallery from the other direction, there was an unromantic vending machine.