Red Fall: Kingfield

1029171418dSarah Jenkins (velvet_hadrian), 2017.

I am missing this time of year already. Even down here in Massachusetts we have moved on to the (equally gorgeous) scratchy brown leaves and stark, naked branches of the early winter.


Works in Progress

1122171724eSarah Jenkins (velvet_hadrian/reuserenova), 2017

1122171744aSarah Jenkins (velvet_hadrian/reuserenova), 2017

These are two work in progress versions of a new necklace design. When I reach the ultimate version of both, the chains will be a matching gold to the pendant, but for now, I’m using the copper as a test.

It’s inspired by both the steampunk subculture and Victorian and neo-Victorian aesthetics in general, both of which are fun ponds in which to splash around. I did, however, want to keep both relatively simple. I would love to hear some reactions, either positive or negative!


Scattered Road: Kingfield

1029171455bSarah Jenkins (velvet_hadrian), 2017.

Having been informed that my last photograph was a little dark for the Thanksgiving holiday (my apologies), let me show you this one. It was taken from exactly the same spot, just looking along the road instead of right down at the ground. It’s all about perspective.