Ex Ithaca cum amore Oδύσσεια, 2015

Giles Terera and Michale Sale Musio in a pre-production trailer of EX ITHACA CUM AMORE Oδύσσεια (FROM ITHACA WITH LOVE THE ODYSSEY) a modern movie of Homer’s The Odyssey in Ancient Greek and Latin to be distributed free to every school and University in 40 subtitled languages – see more at http://www.fromithacawithlove.com

I was hunting down a link from Greek classes past where someone had narrated the banquet scene with the Phaiakians from the Odyssey and read it in metered verse with the twangy sound of the lute behind it. It had such a profound effect on me because, just like the experience of theater differs from the reading of it, hearing Ancient Greek is radically different than reading it in the original or in a translation. Further, the sound and emphases of Greek are not stressed as much in volume or in syllable length, but instead vary in tone upwards and downwards. This makes it sound utterly foreign and it’s hard to replicate.

Instead, I found this jewel of a video. It arrested my attention and the hunt for proper Ancient Greek pronunciation stuttered to a halt. While I never imagined the Odyssey looking this way, the interpretation is elegant and lovely, alien but clearly thoughtful and intricately interesting.

If you like this and want to watch other dramas reimagined, check out: https://www.europeandrama.com/


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